Whitehall Garden Centre consults residents on redevelopment plans

Whitehall Garden Centre in Lacock is set to double employee numbers and triple in size as part of its new redevelopment plans.

The centre in Wilshire was originally granted permission to add an extension by the council in 2008, and amended in 2012, however the plans were never carried out.

The owners have now amended the plans accordingly and are asking for resident and customer comments on the proposed redevelopment, which could see the installation of multiple restaurants, an indoor and outdoor playground and an extension to the existing animal corner.

The proposed new plans allow for a level platform throughout the centre that will allow ease of access for customers using wheelchairs, pushchairs and (potentially heavy) wheeled trolleys.

The plans also show extensive parking would be provided including 360 spaces in the new main car park (including 35 assisted/special needs spaces), with 180 overflow spaces, five coach parking spaces and 10 customer collection spaces.

The company believes the 2008 scheme did not take consideration of the necessary income streams needed, to enable the business to remain competitive as a garden centre ‘destination’ against other national chain competitors.

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