Why Brits are heading to garden centres this autumn

Everbuild explores some jobs Brits will be tackling this Autumn and why they’re necessary, giving insight into what they’ll be heading to garden centres for this season.

As we head into the colder season, Brits will be preparing their gardens for the frost and snow ahead. Putting in the hard work now for an impressive display come spring. Up and down the country gardeners will be dressing in their warm clothes, preparing for a muddy afternoon outdoors.

Clearing away garden furniture

Garden furniture is a key aspect of a garden in the summer months, excellent when entertaining alfresco. It isn’t however, used in the colder months and it will need covering or storing correctly. Outdoor furniture if left, can get damaged in the cold weather conditions and look a little worse for wear when spring rolls around. Barbeques and any outdoor accessories will need bringing inside as well, like a summer umbrella or gazebo. For Brits who struggle for storage space, furniture covers might be used instead.

Clean patios and decking

Autumnal leaves may cover the country in orange hues, but they can also be a problem if left to rot, especially on a patio or decking. Rotting leaves along with rain and mud will discolour a patio or decking in time. It’s therefore a key time to remove leaves and dirt with an outdoor brush and power wash clean, being aware of slip hazards. Once clean customers might apply a patio seal to protect the surface from future debris building up, keeping the area clean for spring.


Now is the time to start pruning hedges and foliage of some plants with a pair of trimmers, cutting back any dead branches, flowers and leaves.

Protect plants and plant spring bulbs

Some plants need to be protected from frost. These will be stored in pots or raised containers to stop them from becoming waterlogged and for plants particularly susceptible to the cold, they’ll be stored in the greenhouse. Taking a plant inside with pests such as fungus gnats, can easily infect a house plant collection. If pests have been transferred into the home, customers will be looking for a wide range of removal methods. For particularly cold nights, they might use a fleece wrap to cover larger bushes or plants to protect them from frost damage.

Spring bulbs need to be planted from September to November. Tulips, daffodils and hyacinths are popular options, filling British gardens with colour as they bloom in the spring.

Providing for garden wildlife

Winter is a hard time for the wildlife that lives in gardens. Bird feeders and fresh water sources can help significantly and provide great satisfaction for Brits up and down the country as they watch birds come and go into gardens.

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