Why you should start gardening in 2022

Why gardening and why 2022? Well, let’s start by addressing why now. We are all a little frazzled around the edges. We have dealt with a pandemic, being forced to stay at home and endless bad news stories from the media. The biggest of these stories is the climate change we have created on our planet through our bad habits over the years.

Why is gardening a potential answer?

Well, for all sorts of reasons, from relieving stress to becoming sustainable. Many of the answers to life’s concerns lie in one wonderful pastime. And it can be profitable too.

Are you intrigued already? Here are the reasons you might want to start gardening in 2022.

It’s something fun to do when you are asked to stay at home

In this period, as we are asked to stay at home to reduce the risk of virus spread, finding a hobby that you can do in or near your house is a bonus. Learning how to garden well takes some commitment. However, you don’t need to know a lot to get started, and your efforts are generally rewarded relatively quickly.

Yet, gardening is a hobby that grows on you (forgive the pun), and you will soon find yourself on YouTube looking for hints and tips or flicking through a copy of Home and Garden to see what the next trends might be. It is an activity where the more you put in, the more you get out.

Almost free food!

Gardening can also bear fruit… literally. If you plant fruit bushes and trees, you will find yourself awash with apples, strawberries, blackberries and more. You could have a herb garden and a veg plot if you feel ambitious. While you will have to invest in some supplies, you will get something for your time and effort.

The fruit and veg you go will taste much better than those in the supermarket, as they are fresh, and they are your homegrown crop. There will also be many more nutrients in your homegrown food, as the sooner you eat them after harvest, the more goodness they offer.

Growing your own food is also a great way to fulfil your commitment to the planet, as you reduce the number of food miles you accrue too. When digging up your potatoes from the garden, it takes almost nothing to get them to your plate. If your spuds come from Spain, then the carbon from transportation is high.

When you have grown the food, you are also less likely to waste the food. Food waste is a huge problem, with more than 90 billion tonnes wasted in the UK alone. Finding a way of using our resources better needs to be a priority for all of us.

It’s great for your health.

The problem with being stuck at home is life becomes sedentary. There is not much need to move when you are on your fifth episode of the Squid Games. Getting out in the garden and digging or mowing or weeding or hoeing are great ways to get the heart rate up. Gardening can help you lose weight, build muscle, and risk your chance of suffering chronic illnesses. In short, it is good for your body.

It is also good for your mind. One of the ways to protect our mental health is by being out in nature. Our connection with the outside is important to our well-being and working amongst plants and trees is a great way to reduce stress. Equally, paying close attention to the work you are doing and using your senses is a means of practising mindfulness, which is an excellent way of managing the stresses and strains of life.

You will feel proud of your efforts.

There is something primal about working on the land that you own. Turning the soil and seeding the plants appeals to something deep inside us – and the sense of pride when you see the results of your labour are immense. When you dig up your first carrot or your first flower blooms, you will feel an involuntary smile spread across your face. We all need more joy in our lives in 2022, and gardening is a way to achieve this.

Getting back to our roots

Recent times have reminded us that simple things are important. Getting outside in the fresh air and enjoying fresh food are just two of the delights that gardening offers. Why not start your love of gardening in 2022? You will be quickly hooked.

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