Wild Bird Banquet campaign drives traffic to garden centres

Gardman has announced the launch of Wild Bird Banquet as part of its partnership with the BTO.

It’s aim is to drive footfall to garden centres whilst caring for wild birds.
As part of the campaign, taking place in October, the partnership is urging the public to host a banquet.
It’s asking people to put out an extra feeder, then reporting the difference in numbers. You can do this via the website.
The campaign is exclusive to garden centres. Gardman wants to help make them the go-to place for wild bird care.
To support this there will be a range of in-store activities and promotions available. There will be displays and extensive merchandising options too.
Each participating centre will get a toolkit of assets, such as graphics, and event kits.
Rachael Dickinson at Gardman commented: “The is the largest survey of garden birds. It’s a big project both for the BTO and for Gardman.
“This campaign, as part of our partnership with the BTO, is a means of encouraging people to take care of wild birds. We wnat to ensure they do so by visiting their local garden centre.
This is a unique initiative to support retailers and inform customers. Whilst, of course, helping take care of wild birds.”
To further encourage people to visit their local garden centre, there will be in-store promotions available.

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