• Wildlife World celebrates 20 years in business in 2018

    This year marks the 20th anniversary of Wildlife World. Founder and MD of Wildlife World, Norman Sellers has seen the company grow into one of Europe?s leading designers and manufacturers of wildlife feeders, habitats and other educational products. Norman started making and selling simple wildlife products and gradually the love for wildlife transformed into a business. Norman and his wife Eve began by travelling around the country in their caravan with their two dogs and showcasing their products at garden and agricultural shows.

    New bee nester debuts at Spring Fair

    This new attractive bee nester is designed for solitary bees. These bees are safe around pets and children and are known for being superb pollinators for your garden fruit and flowers.

    The new bee nester has around 30 specially designed card nesting tubes and can accommodate up to 180 cells. It has a special predator defence lid which can be put on after the nesting season to keep your developing beelets safe from danger.

    The nester comes complete with hanging loops and a chain. When hung in a sunny spot, it will help you to develop your own garden pollinating team.

    The nester retails for less than ?12.00, so it is amazing value for your garden.

    National Trust Range?

    Wildlife World, the European leaders in wildlife products, has just established an agreement with the National Trust to design and supply a complete range of wildlife habitat products under their name.

    First shown at GLEE 2017, the designs for the new product range were in development for several months. Under the agreement the National Trust will sell the products at their own properties situated all over the UK and Wildlife World will also sell the same products through the trade to the consumer.

    The new National Trust wildlife range is a full range of wildlife habitats and food tables developed by Wildlife World and in total will comprise some twelve different products. Taking its inspiration from the National Trust properties at Stourhead in Dorset and Wicken Fen in East Anglia, the range covers most species including hedgehogs, wild birds, bats, bees, butterflies and other insects and small mammals.

    Simon King Tree Nesting Pouch?

    The Tree Nesting Pouch is an original design by British television presenter and cameraman Simon King OBE, who has used his knowledge of birds to create a beneficial habitat for a variety of species including wrens and tree creepers.

    The new Tree Nesting Pouch is made from a natural brushwood design, with a strong metal frame to protect birds from predators. It is easy to hang and position in trees, vegetation or on a wall and has a cleaning hatch at the base of the nest.

    The integral waterproof membrane is built into the roof of the pouch, helping it to withstand bad weather. The natural design makes it an attractive feature and a great way of attracting birds to the garden. The bright Simon King artwork provides excellent shelf presence and makes a great addition to any outdoor space.

    Simon King?s Tree Nesting Pouch retails for ?5.99.

    Simon King Wild Bird Open Nest Buddy

    A first of its kind and a brand new original design by British television presenter and cameraman Simon King OBE, the Simon King Wild Bird Open Nest Buddy provides a suitable habitat for chaffinches, blackbirds and other members of the thrush family.

    Easy to site in bushes, trees and variety of natural vegetation habitats, the Buddy?s open construction creates a nest space simulating a natural branch structure. Like the Nesting Pouch, the Buddy is finished in a natural brushwood colour for a more organic appearance and has a strong metal frame. Integral waterproof membrane has again been built in to the roof for added protection from the elements. The Simon King brand?s eye-catching design makes the Nest Buddy a must have for gardens all year round.

    Simon King?s Wild Bird Open Nest Buddy retails for just ?5.99.

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