Wildlife World launches two new bird feeders

Wildlife habitat product designers and manufacturers, Wildlife World, has introduced two new bird feeders to its extensive product range.

The new products have been designed to encourage birds into the gardens of nature lovers. Wildlife World?s product designers have created the products to replicate the natural environment of wildlife species.

Both feeders are designed to be movable to provide protection from predators. Wildlife World has designed these products so that they are an easy way to attract birds into the garden through winter and early spring, a time when natural food becomes scarce.

Petal Cup Feeder

Wildlife World?s new ceramic Petal Cup feeder is a wild bird feeder with a ground spike to be placed in flower beds, lawns, wildlife gardens, pots or planters. The feeder is available in red, yellow or blue, allowing bird watchers to spot birds feeding against its vibrant colour, bringing the garden alive in winter.

The cup has a drainage hole and is made from a ceramic material, so the feeder is suitable for all weather conditions.

The ground spike is dark green and comes in three sections that screw together with varying height options.

Suitable for all kinds of bird food including peanuts, sunflower hearts, wild bird mix, live and dried mealworms and more, Wildlife World?s petal feeder will attract all types of birds depending on the type of food offered. The feeder should be cleaned with its food replaced every 3 to 4 days for good bird hygiene.


Dewdrop Window Feeder

Wildlife World?s new Dewdrop Window Feeder is a transparent design which allows nature lovers to easily watch small birds perch on the box whilst feeding. The clear moulded Perspex allows observation of birds from all angles, and is easy to secure to the window with two heavy suction pads. The design is also waterproof with just a small circular entrance for birds, sheltering food from poor weather conditions.

Norman Sellers, managing director at Wildlife World commented: ?The dewdrop window feeder is the closest you will ever see wild birds in their environment. Its shape is elegant and innovative, replicating that of a teardrop. This design is an example of our premium production, providing an attractive wildlife accessory for wild bird enthusiasts of all ages?.


Wildlife World?s products provide interactive and educational features for wildlife enthusiasts of all ages. The company has a strong commitment to the conservation of species, working with wildlife experts to develop products from which wildlife will receive the fullest benefit.

Further information is available from Wildlife World on 01666 505333, by emailing info@wildlifeworld.co.uk or by visiting the company?s website at www.wildlifeworld.co.uk

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