Wildlife World wins Glee product award with new Simon King product

Wildlife World?s new venture with Simon King was not only the focus of the company?s stand at Glee 2016, but also won them an award for the best new wildlife and pet product. Wildlife World was awarded winner of the category for the Brushwood Robin Nester, which is a part of the company?s new brand of products created in partnership with Simon King. Wildlife World was also a finalist with the new Simon King Hedgehog Feeder.

The Brushwood Robin Nester was one of many products within the new Simon King Wildlife World range launched exclusively at Glee. Wildlife World also introduced many of their own new products at the show.

Norman Sellers, Managing Director at Wildlife World commented, ?We are so pleased and honoured to have won the best new product award for wildlife and pets, especially for this particular product. We have been working hard with Simon King for some time to create new products that we hoped would excite the market and this is definitely an excellent start. It?s great working with Simon King as his knowledge and expertise has allowed us to together create products that are truly beneficial to birds and other wildlife species.?

The Brushwood Robin Nester is an original design by Simon King, who has used his knowledge of birds and robins in particular to create a habitat that is personalised to the nesting habits of the species. Unlike many other bird species, robins are known to prefer open fronted nesting spots and can be found building their nests in flowerpots, boxes and kettles! With this in mind, Simon King and Wildlife World created the Brushwood Nester to reflect this particular habit and create a beneficial habitat for the species, which doubles up as an attractive feature for gardens. The brushwood finish allows the nester to be hidden easily amongst foliage, or as an eye-catching focal point in a garden.

The nest box was amongst many other products in the new Simon King range that were displayed at the show and gathered a great deal of interest from visitors. The partnership has also introduced other nest boxes, and feeders as well as a new solar light hedgehog feeder and high-spec wildlife hide. The Simon King range is available to buy from the Simon King Wildlife Shop at the retail price of ?6.99.

Further information is available from Wildlife World on 01666 505333, by emailing info@wildlifeworld.co.uk or by visiting the company?s website at www.wildlifeworld.co.uk

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