Wilkinson Sword introduces new lightweight axe range

This autumn sees Wilkinson Sword launch its new cutting-edge range of lightweight axes, in readiness for us to prepare to batten down the hatches ready for the onset of winter.

Within this range are three new axes; a hatchet, felling and splitting axe. Each one is specifically designed to make light work of all of your wood chopping needs, be that making kindling, felling trees or splitting wood. These axes are the perfect tools for the everyday, modern householder, particularly those with wood-burners. They make chopping and splitting easy, manageable and straightforward, without the need of a lumberjack!

All three axes feature a strong forged carbon steel head which enable them to penetrate wood easily and with speed, aiding the splitting process. Their lightweight shock-absorbing fibreglass handles mean that they are easy to lift and with evenly balanced construction they feel very natural through the swing motion. For increased safety, each axe features a non-slip grip and comes with a protective head cover for security whilst transporting and during storage.

The Hatchet Axe is perfect for small tasks around the home such as making kindling and chopping up small logs and has been designed to be used either single or double handed, increasing its versatility. The Hatchet Axe retails at ?14.99.

The Felling Axe has been created for more robust tasks, such as felling trees and chopping up substantial logs and thick branches, and retails at ?29.99


The Splitting Axe is, as you might imagine, designed for splitting wood. It has an ingenious extra lip across the face of the blade which helps split the wood rather than chop in to it. The axe also has a solid flat face at the other end of the cutting edge which can be a useful aid when splitting particularly gnarly hard wood. The Splitting Axe retails at ?29.99

In addition to the new axes, there is a heavy duty 1.6kg drop forged carbon steel grenade splitting wedge. Diamond shaped with notched sides this grenade won?t be stumped by larger logs, the Grenade Splitter retails at ?9.99

Nick Hills, garden division general manager, commented: ?We are pleased to announce the launch of these new axes, a fantastic range in the Wilkinson Sword tool portfolio. We believe that they make all wood chopping and splitting tasks easier and safer for everyone.?

As with all Wilkinson Sword garden tools, every axe carries the reassuring Wilkinson Sword 10-year guarantee.

Further information about Wilkinson Sword?s range of garden tools can be found at www.wilkinsonsword-tools.co.uk. You can also follow Wilkinson Sword Tools on Twitter @WSGardenTools and find them on Facebook by searching for Wilkinson Sword Garden Tools.

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