Wilkinson Sword launches new Multi-Hoe

Wilkinson Sword has introduced a new tool designed to carry out different tasks.

The space-saving Multi-Hoe features a smart ‘V’ shaped tool head. It’s made from serrated metal and is for weeding, cultivating and sowing.
The aluminium handle allows comfortable working and reduces strain on the back.
Flat edge
When the tool head is flat and pushed back and forwards, it goes through weeds with minimal effort.
Gardeners can use the same technique on the surface of the soil. Used to spread and level or pat and compact the soil, it creates a firm surface.
Pointed edges
By turning the tool on its side the blade can can make large furrows or tight seed drills in the soil.
It’s for digging up root vegetables, planting, spreading fertiliser and aerating the soil.
The Multi-Hoe is available in packs of five with supporting point-of-sale. Retailers will receive a free wooden promotional crate when buying 20 or more units.
All Wilkinson Sword garden tools carry the Wilkinson Sword 10-year guarantee.

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