• Wilkinson Sword reveal new range of scissors for retail

    A new range of scissors from a company with over 100 years of cutting excellence is hitting the shelves this autumn. Each scissor has been honed and developed for modern needs to provide excellent cutting solutions around the home and garden. With specific focus being placed on kitchen and cooking activities where a good pair of quality scissors can considerably cut prep time ? just consider the time taken to cut herbs with a knife versus scissors, for example?

    Wilkinson Sword has created its new collection that consists of eight scissors offering a variety of cutting options, ensuring that every task in the home and garden is covered. Within the collection of the four ranges, there is an ?all purpose? and a ?kitchen? scissor.

    The four ranges are:

    • Everyday – ?7.99 each
    • Classic – ?12.99 each
    • PRO-Blade?- ?14.99 each
    • X-Blade? – ?16.99 each

    The Everyday scissors have stainless steel blades, with the All Purpose straight blade ideal for general cutting tasks, and the the serrated Kitchen blade perfect for kitchen use. To add to the versatility of the scissors, they are comfortable for both left and right handed users with soft feel grips. With a 23cm (9?) blade, the Everyday All Purpose Scissors are ideal for everyday use around the house ? think of all of that Christmas wrapping coming up ? whilst the Everyday Kitchen Scissors 22cm (8.5?) blade will help you whizz around food preparation in no time.

    The Classic Scissors both benefit from 23cm (9?), high quality stainless steel blades. Again, the All Purpose have straight blades, for smooth and precise cutting, whilst the Kitchen version have serrated blades, which mean that they don?t slip when tackling items such as chicken wings or fish fins. The traditionally contoured handles on both models are familiar to many and known to fit snugly around the hand making cutting easy and controlled.

    The PRO-Blade? range have superior stainless steel blades, for enhanced sharpness and lasting cutting performance. The precision ground cutting edge on the 23cm (9?) blade of the All Purpose version provide the ultimate sharpness, and the well balanced design ensures a natural cutting action, making them easy to use. The Kitchen Scissors have razor sharp, serrated blades, and the inclusion of a notch makes short work of bones and tough stems. The 20cm (8?) blades which are, again, finely balanced to help with culinary tasks, and have the same soft-grip, contoured handles as the All Purpose version, for the ultimate in comfort and control.

    The final range within the collection is the X-Blade?. These scissors benefit from premium quality, high carbon steel blades with a non-stick coating, providing excellent edge holding and blade toughness, and resist the build up of sticky residue, making them easy to wipe clean and maintain. These are the ultimate in household and kitchen scissors, with a well-balanced design and soft grip contoured handles. The 23cm (9?) blades on the All Purpose Scissors can tackle a whole host tasks around the house and garden, whilst the 20cm (8?) precision serrated blades on the Kitchen Scissors are perfect for everything from intricate culinary preparations to bone cutting.

    This new collection of scissors from Wilkinson Sword really does provide something for everyone and for all tasks.

    All of these new scissors carry the reassuring Wilkinson Sword 10-year guarantee.

    Available to buy from

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