Wilkinson Sword: It’s time to get pruning

Now is a great time to get pruning roses to encourage blooms, as well as summer flowering plants, fruit trees and any dead or diseased branches that you spot. Each of these tasks will require a specific type of pruner, and Wilkinson Sword has one for every job.

Pruning and tidying plants is essential for a number of reasons. Firstly, it promotes health and vigour, with regular pruning of dead and diseased parts of a plant reducing the risk of disease. It also encourages more flowers and higher yield, with carefully pruned flowering plants producing more flowers year in, year out. Finally, it helps to keep plants to a convenient size to grow comfortably in a confined area as well as to determine their shape.

Bypass, non-stick coated blades are perfect for young, green wood, as they give precise, clean, and flush cuts.

The Razorcut Comfort Medium Bypass Pruner (1111156W) has blades that are designed to pass each other as you cut; they have two high-quality SK5 Japanese sharpened steel blades that slice together like a pair of scissors.? They are extremely versatile and can get into small, awkward cutting places whilst minimising physical effort and increase efficiency of each cut, with cast aluminium handles for light weight and extra strength, as well as large rubber buffers to absorb shock.

Anvil pruners are perfect for cutting back dead wood and dry, hard old growth.

The Razorcut Comfort Anvil Pruner (1111158W) has one SK5 Japanese sharpened steel blade that cuts down on a flat metal block, like a very small chopping board.? It allows for very precise cutting and is great for cutting away old wood stems.? The flat block makes it easy to cut through the wood, more so than the bypass version.

Ratchet pruners, have a strong cutting force as well as incremental slicing built into the design, making them ideal for cutting through dead wood or larger branches.

The three-stage ratchet mechanism of the Ratchet Anvil Pruner (1111168W) cuts the branches in a controlled, manageable stage, requiring less effort than traditional tools and is highly suited to gardeners who are looking to put less effort in, but still get the same results out. The high strength nylon fibre construction and high quality SK5 non-stick coated blades make cutting easier.

Pruning snips are perfect for delicate pruning that requires a clean cut. Two long thin blades bypass each other in a scissor like action. The thin pointed blades enable precise and delicate cutting when navigating flowers and harvesting fruit.

The long nose on the quality hard chrome SK5 Japanese steel blade of the Straight Pruning Snips (1111154W) is ideal for precision pruning and flower cutting. The cast aluminium body with soft grips and central catch for left and right handed use makes it comfortable for anyone to use.

  • Razorcut Comfort Medium Bypass Pruner – ?19.99
  • Razorcut Comfort Anvil Pruner – ?19.99
  • Ratchet Anvil Pruner – ?14.99
  • Straight Pruning Snips – ?14.99

All Wilkinson Sword garden tools carry the reassuring Wilkinson Sword 10-year guarantee.

Available to buy from www.wilkinsonsword-tools.co.uk.

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