Winter Stem – a rainbow of colour

During the darker months of winter when the garden is dormant, plants with vibrant coloured bark come into their own making Winter Stem the perfect choice for HTA?s Plant of the Month for December.

Winter Stem is a versatile plant which provides different textures and stem colours to attract the eye and brighten the winter gloom in the garden.? Stems and bark come in many colours from olive green to yellow, orange to coral pink, brown to black and white through to silver.

A garden can be enhanced by planting trees and shrubs that have interesting and colourful bark during the winter months.? By using dogwoods, snake bark maples, willows and white washed brambles, there are plenty of colourful varieties to choose from in order to create winter effect in any garden or landscape. Most winter stems are best planted in groups to maximise their impact and where they can be seen and appreciated.

Nominated and agreed upon by British growers and retailers, the HTA?s Plant of the Month campaign highlights the plants that are widely available and looking especially good each month.

Plant of the Month point of sale materials can be purchased through HTA partners Hortipak and Floramedia.

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