WOLF-Garten: It?s time to prune your trees

Now is a great time to get pruning trees in the garden to encourage further growth over summer and to keep them healthy. There are a range of different pruning jobs to take care of, from cutting young, green branches to removing thick, dead wood; and WOLF-Garten has a tool for every one.

Using the right tool is essential, otherwise you may cause multiple wounds to the branch that can attract insects and disease. A simple rule to follow is that anvil loppers, where one sharpened blade closes on a flat surface, are best suited to hard woody stems and bypass loppers, where the two sharpened blades pass like scissors, should be used for younger branches.

Anvil loppers are ideal for cutting back dead wood and dry, hard old growth.

The WOLF-Garten RCM Anvil Tree Lopper is designed to be used with any of the Multi-change? lightweight handles and is ideal for tackling older, more established trees. The 4:1 pulley system allows for less effort and easier pruning for branches up to 38mm in diameter. Whilst the RCVM Adjustable Anvil Tree Lopper has a 180-degree working angle and can tackle branches up to 40mm in diameter.

The RS650 Power Cut Anvil Lopper has a generous cutting diameter of 40mm, whilst the ergonomic handles have a soft lining, providing comfort whilst pruning. The non-stick blades make cutting even easier.

Bypass loppers are perfect for young, green wood, as they give precise, clean, and flush cuts.

The RR200 Bypass Tree Lopper has a generous handle of 200cm so you can trim tree shoots easily without even having to take your feet off the ground or wrestle with a ladder. This fixed hand tool with non-stick coated blades provides an incredibly clean cut so is ideal for cutting younger growth of up to two years old. The 180-degree adjustable cutting head also serves to provide unencumbered access to hard-to-reach branches.

With new cutting head technology, the RR550 Power Cut Bypass Lopper has a cutting diameter of 40mm. The bypass lopper allows for a more accurate cut without crushing the branch. The ergonomic handles have a soft lining, providing comfort whilst pruning.

If a saw is needed to tackle your trees, WOLF-Garten has a tool for this too! The Pruning Saw (PC370MS) has specially designed teeth for maximum cutting performance, with a curved, Swedish Steel blade for smooth cutting at an optimum angle. It can be used as a standalone saw or integrated with the Multi-change? extending handles, allowing you to saw branches up to 5.5 metres away.

The Professional Pruning Saw (PC370MSPRO) has all the benefits of the Pruning Saw, as well as a unique hook to prevent the blade pulling out of the cut, and a bark knife to prevent tree damage.

With a pull saw for easy pruning of thick branches, the Folding Pruning Saw (PC145FS) has a clever folding design which folds the blade neatly away for clean and safe storage. With triple ground teeth, it lasts up to five times longer than a standard blade.

To view these products, and other items in the WOLF-Garten range, visit http://www.wolfgarten-tools.co.uk.? You can also find WOLF-Garten on Twitter at @WGGardentools and on Facebook by searching for WOLF-Garten Garden Tools.

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