Woodlodge adds classic Victorian designs to ‘iconic’ range

Woodlodge is adding to its William Morris collection, inspired by the designer. It sees two new products set to drive sales growth during the 2020 season.

The William Morris pottery collection combines classic Victorian elegance with modern ceramic style.
The collection will expand for 2020 with the launch of Woodlodge’s new William Morris Bird Bath (RRP £69.99).
The design in Terracotta features Morris’s initials and trademark willow bough artwork.
Fresh for 2020, the William Morris collection is a line-up of classic faux lead squares. Set to be available in faux lead and verdigris, the squares range from 27cm–45cm and RRPs from £19.99 to £54.99.
Michael Wooldridge, Woodlodge MD, said: “The William Morris range has ticked all the boxes for buyers. It blends Victorian chic with a modern twist that appeals to consumers.
“The new William Morris Bird Bath will build on this success. It appeals to wildlife lovers who want to watch wild birds in their gardens.
“These additions offer potential for impulse sales. They help retailers to further expand the buoyant pots and containers category.”
Sales of the collection have helped to support the William Morris Gallery in London.”

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