Woodlodge to launch Down to Earth at Glee

Woodlodge is expanding into the accessories market with the launch of the Down to Earth range.

It’s a line-up of gardening goods ranging from obelisks to trellis and plant supports.
The range will debut at Glee in September. Buyers will see the full offering and examine the potential of Down to Earth as growth in this sector.
Down to Earth is a natural extension for Woodlodge. The new products will sit alongside the company’s pot and container offering.
Down to Earth will feature ornamental plant supports and accessories in demand.
The range includes metal plant supports in the form of obelisks, as well as pot trellis and pot stands.
Decorative garden trellis will be available in a selection of fashionable shades.
Michael Wooldridge, MD, said: “The market for ornamental supports and accessories is established.
“One significant trend that we’ve seen is how gardens are becoming smaller.
That’s where garden arches, trellis and obelisks play a vital role, creating privacy.
The addition of height can result in a stunning focal point, establishing a sense of depth in gardens.
“The launch of Down to Earth will enable retailers to ramp-up their offering.”
Woodlodge’s new Down to Earth range will feature metal hooks, tree ties and round tree stakes.
Pot trollies will help gardeners to move heavy container plants. Bamboo and metal canes will appeal to shoppers looking to support flowers and vegetable plants.

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