Woodlodge helping inspire new gardeners with virtual sales assistants

Woodlodge has launched a tool to help drive demand for container gardening. They’ve done this with the introduction of ‘virtual sales assistants’.

These are POS that provide shoppers with the confidence to make informed purchases.
The Woodlodge POS boards will guide novice gardeners who want to grow, but lack the know-how.
The consumer engagement boards are easy-to-follow and jargon-free. It gives shoppers the confidence to make purchases and replicate ideas at home.
Boards focus on easy-to-achieve gardening activities such as growing acers in a container.
Bullet point shopping checklists generate linked sales, focusing on container gardening essentials. Illustrated, expert advice gives consumers guidance on key topics.
Michael Wooldridge, Managing Director at Woodlodge, said: “Gardening know-how passes down through generations. First-time gardeners learn from parents or grandparents.
“Nowadays, younger gardeners often set out on their gardening journey unguided. Our POS, positioned close to container displays, act as a ‘virtual sales assistant’.
It will help novice gardeners make informed container choices, while driving linked sales.”
QR codes on the POS will appeal to tech-savvy consumers. A wave of a smartphone in front of the code will direct shoppers to the Woodlodge website.

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