Woodlodge and The World Owl Trust enter into partnership

Woodlodge, experts in horticulture products and gardenware, is pleased to announce a partnership with The World Owl Trust.

Woodlodge is the UK?s leading supplier of garden pots, with a reputation for excellence and expertise in the design and distribution of gardenware and horticulture products. The family businesses has been trading since 1987, prioritising quality and end-to-end customer service. Woodlodge is proud to hold a partnership with the National Trust, distributing products to over 2,000 garden centres and retail outlets nationwide.

The World Owl Trust exists to promote global owl conservation, including habitat protection and restoration, breeding and release programmes for genetic sustainability. The charity also carries out research and promotes education to raise awareness of threatened owl species and their habitats.

The Woodlodge ?Owl Pot?, a popular owl design planter available in cream and yellow, will now be sold in association with the organisation, in addition to ?Oscar the Owl?, a new item from the Woodland Animal garden art collection. Donations will be made to the charity based on product sales.

Mr. Gerald Callen, Treasurer at The World Owl Trust, says:

?For a charity like The World Owl Trust donations are very important in helping to achieve our objectives. The organisation would like to acknowledge the very kind and generous support given by Woodlodge, who has dedicated bespoke products to the Trust in order to raise awareness and donations.?

For more information visit the Woodlodge and World Owl Trust websites at: http://www.woodlodge.co.uk/ and http://www.owls.org/

You can also follow them on twitter here: @woodlodge_uk and @Owltrust.

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  1. Have just bought Oscar the Owl at garden centre. Am delighted with the product, but what is he made of.

    Many thanks

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