Would your Garden Centre Benefit from Selling Greenhouses?

Vitavia shares their expertise on selling greenhouses in the garden retail setting

greenhousesWe appreciate that the following is the question that floats across lots of your minds when you’re thinking of filling a space within your Garden Centre. We hear that voice inside your head, saying ‘we’re so busy, can we really deal with greenhouses on top of everything else? The answer is, you don’t have to.

Firstly, a reputable supplier would visit your Garden Centre to see the space available and advise on the display models we think would fit.

Once we have confirmed the display models, most suppliers have specialised installers who will come and put up the greenhouses as agreed. At Vitavia, we supply a POS to be displayed in each greenhouse in case a customer wants to know specifics.

The next step

greenhousesOnce the customer decides on the model with or without installation, they come to you to make payment. Once the payment is received, you send the order over to the supplier and you can then forget all about it.

Vitavia’s operations team then contacts the customer directly to arrange delivery and installation (if applicable).

An installation team will deliver the greenhouse to the chosen location on a preferred date and if the customer has requested installation, the process will be arranged on a date and time that suits your customer. If the customer decides to install the greenhouse themselves, a good greenhouse supplier will have a customer services team on hand to answer any queries.

What if the customer has queries regarding the greenhouse once it’s built?

The aftercare is the responsibility of the supplier, not you. If the customer has any greenhouse queries or concerns thereafter, they can contact the supplier directly and, if they’re anything like Vitavia, they will help to resolve any issues that arise.

Vitavia Garden Products Ltd is the British partner of the Vitavia Group, which is the leading name throughout Europe for quality hobby greenhouses and greenhouse accessories. From their warehouses in Suffolk, they provide home and trade deliveries throughout the UK together with a comprehensive greenhouse installation service.  Vitavia is proud to supply quality hobby greenhouses, widely regarded as being the best value for money, backed up by exceptional customer service. For more information, visit Vitavia.co.uk

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