Wyevale Nurseries becomes a NATO ally

Wyevale Nurseries, one of the UK?s leading commercial nurseries, has this month become a supporter of the National Association of Tree Officers (NATO).

Wyevale Nurseries, which is based in Hereford, will provide support and advice to the independent group of local authority tree officers from all parts of the country.

Adam Dunnett, sales and marketing director at Wyevale Nurseries, said: ?We have the complete tree offer and means to support the arboriculture industry at a time it is challenged on local authority funding. We will be offering supply and a wealth of advice and assistance so that we can back the vital work of putting trees into the urban landscape. We are so delighted to be able to support NATO going forwards.?

NATO is a UK-based independent organisation that represents and distributes the views and concerns of tree officers worldwide.

For more information about NATO, please visit: www.nato.org.uk

For more information about Wyevale Nurseries, please visit: www.wyevalenurseries.co.uk

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