Wyevale Nurseries hosts student tour

Forestry and arboriculture apprentices from Holme Lacy College returned to Wyevale Nurseries in Hereford to tour the container shrub and tree production sites and learn about the different production techniques involved.

It follows a February visit in which the students explored Wyevale’s hedging and transplant production site near Ledbury.

Ian Wright, commercial sales director at Wyevale Nurseries, said: “We were delighted to welcome the students back. They spent half of the day looking at the whole process of container shrub production, starting from the striking of cuttings and seed sowing in our propagation department, through the potting process and finishing off with order lifting and preparation of orders for despatch to both our retail customers and landscape customers.

“The remainder of the day was spent around the tree production unit. They were shown the range and scale of sizes and varieties in production. Budding, caning and tying skills were also explained and the group were able to see crops being planted that would not become saleable for at least three years. Finally, we finished the day at our container tree unit.

“We feel it is very important to support students who have chosen to study these topics. We wanted to give them more of an insight into what we do at the nursery and into the range of skills the business requires, plus the career opportunities available.

Judith Webb, lecturer at Holme Lacy College, said, “Being able to reinforce the theory that our apprentices learn at college through visits such as these is incredibly valuable to their learning. We are extremely grateful to Wyevale Nurseries for hosting these visits, which also make a great link between the college and a local business.

“Students’ comments have included that: ‘Seeing things for real, rather than just in class really helps to make sense of it all.’ Huge thanks to all the staff involved in our visits which were both enjoyable and informative.”

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