Wyevale Nurseries launches 2017 promotional catalogue

Wyevale Nurseries has this month (June, 2016) officially launched its 2017 promotional catalogue.?The commercial nurseries? new brochure will include 37 new plant promotions.

Adam Dunnett, Sales and Marketing Director at Wyevale Nurseries in Hereford, said: ?We?re very proud of our 2017 promotional catalogue and the market leading range it will deliver our customers. As well as our range of 37 new plant promotions within the catalogue there is also a plethora of new fun facts, which are dotted throughout.

?Some of the best plants in the catalogue include the Jacobinia Firefly voted ?Best New Plant Introduction? by visitors to our nursery Open Day in March 2016.

?Flowering from late December through to early summer ?Firefly? provides an eye-catching display for impulse sales. An attractive, compact growing very rounded shrub, which is dripping with tubular bicolour flowers, vivid orange at the base changing to bright yellow at the tip. A sun loving plant which will bring early season colour to any garden.

New Catalogue

?For 2017 the Phormium Chocomint promotion will be supplied in a unique ?Ice Cream Tub? styled pot wrap, which is bound to whet customer?s appetite. A strong growing variety with deep chocolate brown leaves with mint green margins. It will provide year round interest, is low maintenance and suitable for planting in borders or containers.

?However, a catalogue only tells part of the story, our 70-acre container nursery at Hereford plays a much bigger part and we would encourage customers to visit us and see the 1.5 million plants for themselves and tour our new plant development department.?

Another new promotion is the Buddleia ?Dreaming Lavender?, which Wyevale Nurseries will supply in a bespoke pot wrap for added impact. It is a compact growing trailing Buddleia making it ideal for planting in containers, even hanging baskets. Buddleia ?Dreaming Lavender? produces pale green slightly hairy leaves and an abundance of long lavender blooms all through summer and autumn. A magnet for butterflies and bees.

Wyevale Nurseries

Adam added: ?In 2017 we will become the sole UK grower of the Hydrangea Magical Series. This is an extremely successful multi award-winning Hydrangea series, which has only been available from nurseries outside the UK.

?The ?Magical? flowers change colour three to four times during the course of a single year, resulting in a spectacular garden display. Fantastic garden plants, suited for patios, terraces or borders. There are eight different varieties including the Plantarium 2015 Best in Show winner Magical ?Ruby Tuesday?. They flower very early and are compact and robust plants. It?s time for retailers to get behind the UK growers and buy British grown.?

In 2015 Wyevale Nurseries won two prestigious new plant awards and both will be launched in the 2017 promotional catalogue. They are Raspberry ?Ruby Beauty? and Salvia ?Love & Wishes?.

Adam continued: ?Raspberry ?Ruby Beauty? won Best New Plant at GLEE in 2015. It is a true dwarf Raspberry, reaching just 1m high and 50cm wide. The plant is thorn less and does not need caning or support. Each plant will produce approximately 1.5kg of flavoured fruit from June onwards. Plant one plant into a 10L pot or three into a 40L. It is ideally suited for the patio, kitchen or wildlife gardens

?Salvia ?Love & Wishes? won Best Hardy Plant at Four Oaks 2015. It is a tremendous member of the ?Wish? Salvia series. Deep purple flowers with deep burgundy calyces, dark green foliage and dark stems combine superbly to create a stunning plant. In the garden it has a very long flowering time from June through to November and is a terrific potted specimen.?

To request a 2017 promotional catalogue, please email Carol Dickinson, Customer Support and Innovation Manager at Wyevale Nurseries, via carol@wyevale-nurseries.co.uk. Hard copies can be posted as well as an electronic version, which can be sent via email.


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