Wyevale Nurseries roots for ?The Great British Hedge?

A nursery in Hereford is campaigning for the benefits of ?The Great British Hedge? from this month onwards.

Wyevale Nurseries has started an initiative to promote the benefits of the British hedge to the horticultural retail and amenity and landscaping sectors.

Adam Dunnett, sales and marketing director at Wyevale Nurseries, said: ?Hedges are nature?s fences ? natural boundary makers, privacy givers and security providers. Not only do they work for us, they also make a living corridor for birds and animals, offering nesting and food throughout the year.

?Hedges have been used as field boundaries in England since the times of the Romans and we feel Britain and its patchwork of hedges are iconic. We want to see them continue to flourish.?

Wyevale Nurseries say that whatever the circumstances, be it a hedge in rural land, a townhouse or rooftop garden, there are options which will provide the best result. People need to choose the right plant, for the right place, with the right maintenance regime and staff at Wyevale Nurseries are happy to offer guidance.

Adam continued: ?Planning and planting a hedge can be a daunting prospect for the average gardener. For retailers we have put together a comprehensive range of varieties, available in both three litre and five litre pots, giving them all they need to build fantastic hedging offering right through the autumn and winter.

?For amenity and landscaping customers we offer hedging supplied in three ways ? bareroot, rootball and container grown. Each method of supply has certain seasonal limitations. We are one of the only UK suppliers to offer all year-round availability on hedging.?

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