Wyevale Garden Centres shares roses expertise

Throughout July, Wyevale garden centres gave its customers an insight into the world of roses, courtesy of the company?s resident rose experts. The experts were trained by David Austin Roses.

Jack White, Rose Expert at Wyevale Garden Centres, said: ?It?s a real privilege to have some of our members of staff trained by David Austin Roses. David Austin has been in the roses business for over half a century and is a real master of the horticultural world. We wanted to share some of this expert industry knowledge with our customers to allow them to care for their roses in the best possible way.?

?Roses are incredibly versatile, making them the perfect addition to an English country garden. They are planted to last 20+ years so it is certainly worth following these simple measures to ensure that you are able to reap the benefits of these glorious flowers.?

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