Wyevale predicts Swarms in September

Wyevale Garden Centres is projecting that September will be plagued by wasps and insects after a 300% YOY increase in insect control products.

They are reporting that the bank holiday weekend marked the beginning of ?September insect watch?, advising the UK to stock up on insect control products to fight in particular airborne black ants and wasps.

Duncan Mclean, Buyer for Garden Nourish and Control at Wyevale Garden Centres, says, ?It is definitely a bumper year for insects, and homeowners can expect the ?invasion? to continue for the next few weeks.?

Wyevale Garden Centres are the UK?s largest garden centre group, and report both a 300% YOY increase on insect control products and a 180% YOY increase on wasp control products.

They suggest the sales increase has been driven by a late season and a favourable weather pattern ? hot and dry in June and July.

For more information on the insect control products for sale from Wyevale Garden Centres, visit: http://www.wyevalegardencentres.co.uk/

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